2020-21 Zion Lutheran School Supply List

K-8th Grades will need to bring their own Face Mask, their own water bottle with their name on it, and if they are bringing their own lunch their lunch box has to have their name on the outside of it.

2-Day, 3-Day & 5-Day Preschool

*Standard size backpack with no wheels

Change of clothes in ziplock bag with child’s name on bag

All day Class – mat for quiet time

*Please provide a standard size backpack for your child. Notes and papers are sent home regularly in folders and these do not fit in the tiny backpacks.


Face Mask

Water Bottle with their name on it

Preschool Bible

Kindergarten mat

Crayons (box of 8 large)

1 white glue-4 oz (not washable)

Glue stick –2 jumbo (no glue pens)

Colored pencils – box of 12

Blunt Fiskar scissors (may be in sewing dept.)

Kleenex – 2 large boxes

Back pack (please - no skulls on them)

8.5 x 5” school box

3 packages flavored crackers, cereal, or other snack

2 cheese in a can

Oversized old shirt they can use to paint

2 box of baby wipes

1st & 2nd Grade

Face Mask

Water Bottle with their name on it

3 pocket folders (plain colors; 1 red, 1 blue, 1 green)

(print name in upper right corner)

1 spiral notebook

Crayola crayons (box of 24)

1 ruler with inches and centimeters

Elmer’s glue sticks – 2 jumbo

Pencils (#2) – 2 pkg. of regular size

2 large erasers

Blunt Fiskar scissors

Kleenex – 3 large boxes

1 box of thick baby wipes

Small school box

Back pack

Some materials may require replacement during the year due to wear and tear. Please label all items with a fine line permanent marker.

3rd & 4th Grade

Face Mask

Water Bottle with their name on it


Painting apron/old shirt

Crayons or colored pencils

Large glue stick

Pencils (#2)


Ruler (inches & metric) – not folding

2 pocket folders

Kleenex – 3 large boxes

Scissors – medium to large Fiskar

Watercolors – Prang or Crayola

Notebook paper – wide line

100 note cards – 3 x 5 inch

School box – standard size only

Ink pen

Two-70 page wide line spiral notebooks

8 Expo markers

Old sock, rag or washcloth for erasing whiteboards

Other items may be required from time to time. Please label all items with fineline permanent marker.

5th - 8th Grade

Face Mask

Water Bottle with their name on it

Six spiral notebooks

One package graph paper

One small spiral bound artist sketch book for art class



1 Inch 3 ring binder

Dry erase markers

Ink pens - various colors

Crayons or colored pencils

Pencils – 3 packages

4 large boxes of Kleenex

Calculator (basic 5 function – 5th & 6th)

Scientific calculator – 7th & 8th grade

Headphones with jack to plug into the computer

Jump drive

Old sock for erasing white boards

Pencil box or pouch

Loose leaf notebook paper